Introducing a New way of Lowering the High Cost of CBD.

The Big Companies Come To Us To Sell Their Products At Discounted Prices!!!

Welcome to CBD Liquidators

CBD Liquidators is pleased to introduce our new concept in the way CBD products can now be purchased at great savings! Think of what the Kirkland brand is to Costco, in our case what Colony CBD is to CBD Liquidators. CBD Liquidators makes mass purchases at discounted prices from large CBD entities.

Colony CBD

We all know that CBD prices have skyrocketed and for no good reason other than big CBD companies getting richer! Most of these larger CBD companies have priced themselves out of the current market and they know it!

Many of the larger CBD companies have turned to us to move their CBD products. We have graciously accepted some products from reputable companies. We receive requests from major players in the CBD industry almost every week so therefore we will be introducing new CBD products all the time.

Prior to making purchases from any of these entities, we receive a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to ensure we are purchasing premium CBD products. As these CBD Companies bid against one another for CBD Liquidators to move their products we will continuously lower our prices to you as the end-user.

You may wonder if the product will be available the next time you order, the answer is YES, we have secured long-term contracts with these national brand companies! If saving money on the HIGHEST QUALITY CBD PRODUCTS is what you are looking for, look no more, you have found it when shopping at CBD Liquidators!


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Only the Highest Quality Products

We assure that you are receiving the best CBD in todays marketplace, at the absolute best prices, our reputation depends on it!


Certificates Of Analysis (COA's)

We review all products via COA’s prior to considering any products. After reviewing the COA, we select  only  products that met our strict criteria.


Free Shipping to All 50 States

Best CBD & Delta-8 THC Products & Prices Guaranteed!

Delta 8 THC Products

Delta 8 THC Gummies, Tinctures, Hemp Flower and Pre Rolls.

Full Spectrum CBD Products

Colony Full Spectrum CBD Gummies help reduce Stress, Pain, Inflammation, and Anxiety!

We carry the finest quality CBD, Hemp & Delta 8 THC products including: Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures, CBN/CBD Tinctures, CBG/CBD Tinctures, CBD Topical Salves, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD Vape Cartridges, Hemp Flower, Hemp Pre-rolls, Pet CBD Products, Delta-8 Gummies, Delta-8 Flower, Delta-8 Pre-rolls, Delta-8  Vape Cartridges, Delta-8 Shatter, Delta-8 Tinctures & more.


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